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College/University 2-Year Institution  (32)
College/University 4-Year Institution  (169)
K-12 Early Childhood  (12)
K-12 Elementary  (64)
K-12 High  (85)
K-12 Middle  (38)
K-12 Other  (19)

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Administrative Areas/Offices  (8)
Cafeterias/Food Courts/Dining Halls  (13)
Chapels/Worship Centers  (1)
Childcare Centers  (4)
Classrooms  (15)
Commons Areas  (17)
Community Centers/Joint Use Facilities  (5)
Green Design  (61)
Healthcare Facilities/Teaching Hospitals  (1)
Labs/Research Facilities  (17)
Libraries/Media Centers  (12)
Multi-purpose Rooms  (3)
Performing Arts/Auditoriums/Music  (15)
Residence Halls (College Only)  (27)
Service Facilities  (3)
Sports/Athletic Facilities/Fitness Centers  (31)
Student Unions (College Only)  (10)
Technology Centers  (2)
Vocational/Industrial Arts  (5)
Whole Building/Campus Design  (169)

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Alabama  (8)Alaska  (5)Arizona  (12)Arkansas  (3)
California  (15)Colorado  (2)Connecticut  (2)Delaware  (1)
Florida  (25)Georgia  (9)Idaho  (1)Illinois  (19)
Indiana  (16)Iowa  (6)Kansas  (10)Kentucky  (11)
Louisiana  (2)Maine  (2)Maryland  (4)Massachusetts  (16)
Michigan  (34)Minnesota  (6)Missouri  (8)Nevada  (5)
New Hampshire  (2)New Jersey  (14)New Mexico  (2)New York  (20)
North Carolina  (6)North Dakota  (1)Ohio  (12)Oklahoma  (8)
Oregon  (2)Pennsylvania  (17)Rhode Island  (1)South Carolina  (3)
Tennessee  (6)Texas  (59)Utah  (8)Virginia  (10)
Washington  (13)Washington, D.C.  (6)West Virginia  (1)Wisconsin  (5)
Wyoming  (1)

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Browse all projects alphabetically

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